First Training Camp Wrap-up

After three and a half weeks we have completed our first training camp of the summer. We'd first like to thank Justin Barnes for the engaging coaching. We went into this camp with the focus of improving our boat handling, specifically in the bigger breeze. Both of us felt we had monumental improvements in this area. The long hours on the water pushed us to improve our technique and endurance. Justin's perspective from outside the boat and his extensive knowledge of 49er sailing provided some great information regarding our maneuvers, especially for Evan as the crew. On top of this we were able to touch a bit on speed tuning with our training partners, refining our boat setup and rig settings

The Summer Grind is in Full Swing

Today we wrapped up our first week of official summer training. Last week we made the move from the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club to our summer training location of Kingston, Ontario. We have connected with our Canadian training squad and started a three week training block coached by 49er National Team member Justin Barnes. For these next three weeks we are really trying to push our limits of boat handling in big breeze and waves. Our goal is to put a strong focus on our maneuvers and become more comfortable in the boat to prepare us for more skill specific training. This means we are spending long hours on the water and performing as many quality tacks, gybes and mark roundings as we can. More

Launched! SPIN Sailing Campaign Underway

We are both very excited to announce that the SPIN Sailing Campaign is officially underway. We have begun our journey to represent Canada at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Our training this year consists mainly of camps out of Kingston Yacht Club with other Canadian 49er teams and coaching from former Olympians and world class sailors. This season we will be competing in the Canadian Championships, the CORK Olympic classes regatta, the North American Championships and the Miami Sailing World Cup. A big thank you goes out to the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club, our home club, for allowing us to use their facilities as we warm up for the upcoming season.