For sailors and non-sailors alike, we all know how complicated the sport can appear. For many, the words we use can sound like a foreign language to the untrained ear. Also, asking a sailor to explain the sport on the spot while most definitely result in an extensive rant leaving the other person more confused than when they started (fair warning). The idea of a technical breakdown of the sport is something we think could be very interesting not only to our supporters, but a helpful tool for us as we continue our journey. We are starting this new series Beyond the Coach Boat as a way to give back to our supporters the best product we can; sailing knowledge. Beyond the Coach Boat will dive in

Regrouping: August Update

Even though August had been scheduled as our time off for the season we somehow managed to stay busy through the month. After a short 3 day turn around from the Worlds we were in Kingston racing the CORK Senior Champs/49er Nationals. Kingston is a place we have spent a lot of our sailing careers and we enjoy every opportunity we get to train there. Seeing many of our Canadian friends was a great way to spend our down time and we were happy to claim the Canadian 49er National title. We also had the opportunity to speak with the reformed Sail Canada staff and we were filled in on the exciting training plans they have in store to develop a strong Canadian sailing program. We are delighted with