Sailboat Racing

For many Canadians, sailing is not a highly recognized sport among the population. One of most genuine comments we get from people is, “So how is your rowing going?”. Trying to explain the complexity of sailing to a person who hasn’t experienced it is an artform in itself, so we usually just say, “It’s going well!”. But a coach knows how to explain their mastery, so in this Beyond the Coach Boat, we will outline the basic rules and details of sailboat racing through our experience in the International 49er Olympic class. “Sailing and Olympic sport is about compromise, you cannot do everything perfectly. The winner picks the right compromises.”, Krzyzstof Keirkowsk, Canadian Skiff Coach. Star

Hustle: September Update

Man it feels good to be back on the grind! After resetting during August and spending some time off, we are back to our full time hustle. We have had a lot of activities this month so we'll try and fill you in on some exciting points. Training is back in full swing working with the new Sail Canada coach Krzysztof. We have primarily been training alone with our coach in Kingston, working on our boat handling and mental game. It has been very refreshing to just focus on ourselves after spending so much of 2018 racing with other teams. It has helped us a lot adjust our mindset and progress at our own pace. We have done some tweaking with our tacking, gybing, and mark rounding techniques; specif