Physics of Sailing (pt1) - Theory

The 49er is one of the most high performance, one-design boats to ever be developed; the apparent boat speed relative to wind velocity was the highest of any double handed monohull until the recent application of hydrofoiling. The thorough design of the 49er, built off of the Bethwaite’s development in skiff sailing, allow the boat to break through certain plateaus such as planing and apparent wind sailing. It has also changed many aspects of racing such as race course layout, time, angles, rules, and athlete development/career path. While the 49er is a pure racing class and is revolutionary in many aspects, the physics and principles of sailing generally remain the same across all boats. Th

Starts: Decision Making

It is often said the race is either one or lost at the start. Depending on the days conditions this can absolutely be true. In all cases it must be said that the start is one of the most critical points. Excluding the fleet, simply starting punctually gives you an advantage of potential meters that would be given up if you are to cross the line even one or two seconds late. In a competitive fleet like the Olympic 49er class, every meter is accounted for and this can often be the difference of that one point on the scoreboard. When you add an armada of boats into the start, every error and success is multiplied. Being bow forward of the boats around you can allow you to survive in a tight lan

Canadian Fall: October Update

Finishing off a progressive September block we headed 7 hours south to Long Island USA, where we prepared to test our practices. We finishing Triple Crown Stage II with a tight 2nd place battle during the penultimate day of racing> the Result was just a bonus to the improvements we have made. Our communication and priorities were on lock in the gusty, shifty conditions; it made for clear minded decision-making and strong anticipation. Skills wise the different techniques we experimented with became useful in certain situations; it is a great tool on our boat-handling tool-belt. Finally, it was boosting mentally to see the improvements put into place. Moreover, to win the final race and jump