Physics of Sailing (pt 2) - Application

Introduction The balance between the center of effort, center of lateral resistance, and center of mass is something a sailor should be constantly striving for while sailing. The proper balance between the three forces allow the boat to sail more efficiently; it prevents aerodynamic and hydrodynamic stalling on the foils/sails and increases efficiency allowing the boat to sail faster and higher by reducing drag and maximizing potential power. When sailing in a straight line, sailors look to balance these forces to maximize speed. This information can also be used to influence the boat to maneuver more efficiently as well. By using certain techniques and adjustment, the boat can head up and b

Efficiency: November Update

With Canada's temperatures dropping so quickly towards the end of October, we knew it was time to get out of there and search for warmer training. Unfortunately, we were 2 days too late and Evan sustained an injury to several muscles in the shoulder and arm during our second last sailing session. Between fatigue from the extensive work we had put in and the harsh temperatures, two muscles attached to the scapula were strained as well as the bicep muscle. While no injury is every positive, we were lucky that this happened at a convenient time. With a 4 day Sail Canada camp occurring back in Oyster Bay NY followed by 10 days off before travelling to our next training location, this allowed lot