Effective Training

For most sailors, training makes up over ninety percent of the time spent sailing. Whether you are a beer-can warrior where each weeknight race is your opportunity to learn or a full-time Olympic hopeful practicing over 250 days per year, training is the ultimate key to improving your skills. Making sure you have effective and efficient training not only increases the learning curve, but ensure that you are practicing the correct details to improve. Improvement is not just important for athletes; developing your skills and seeing improvement is always an enjoyable feeling. For this article, we’ll look over some details that make up effective and efficient training. Eliminate variables Sailin

Reflect and Rise: December Update

Another year has come and gone. It is a good time for us to reflect on our experience and progress. There were a lot of new ideas we implemented over the year and we came away with many lessons that continue to make us better sailors and people. From skills such as boat handling techniques to rig tuning, all the way to team compatibility, scheduling, and our relations with you as supporters. The successes we have had, continue to raise our confidence and belief in the program, while the failures have taught us important lessons and drive us even harder to push forward. The past month was a complete encapsulation of these lessons. Continuing our training in Portugal, we had many days of great