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First Training Camp Wrap-up

After three and a half weeks we have completed our first training camp of the summer. We'd first like to thank Justin Barnes for the engaging coaching. We went into this camp with the focus of improving our boat handling, specifically in the bigger breeze. Both of us felt we had monumental improvements in this area. The long hours on the water pushed us to improve our technique and endurance. Justin's perspective from outside the boat and his extensive knowledge of 49er sailing provided some great information regarding our maneuvers, especially for Evan as the crew. On top of this we were able to touch a bit on speed tuning with our training partners, refining our boat setup and rig settings. All in all we are very happy with our improvement and are looking to build upon this camp in the upcoming month.

Over the next two weeks we are taking some time off from being coached to recover and work out some campaign logistics. We will then be joining the rest of our Kingston training group as David Mori is coming to coach for the month of July, leading up the 49er Canadians; our first event of the year.


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