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High pace

spin sailing Team

Evan Depaul


William Jones



AGE: 24 (March 1995)

HOMETOWN: Ancaster, ON

Will's first experience sailing was at his cottage on the common laser sailboat. His interest grew to where he joined the RHYC youth program to sail C420s. after several years he transitioned to the Laser class and joined the competitive Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron, leading to several top 5 national finishes. As he pursued a mechanical engineering degree at Queens 

AGE: 23 (January 1996)

HOMETOWN: Burlington, ON


Evan's interested first developed from memories of day-sailing his parents keelboat as a child. After setting his soccer aside, he joined the summer RHYC program at age 13. Moving quickly through the youth sailing program, he became involved in racing C420’s, where he place among thetop 3 in the nation. Transitioning from youth to 

University, Will became involved in collegiate sailing, having a lot of success including winning his first World championship - the Student Yachting World Cup. Post school, he realized the strength of his passion for sailing and has decided to commit time to pursuing it.

Olympic sailing, he was drawn to the 49er by the technical aspects and caliber of sailors. As the crew, there is a large focus on fitness. Evan has a strong passion for this field as he has studied Fitness and Health in Kingston, Ontario. This campaign brings together his undeniable passion for the sport of sailing, as well as his athletic and competitive nature.


Krzysztof Kierkowski

Canadian Sailing Development Squad coach

Krzysztof Kierkowski is the Canadian National Sailing Team Development coach working primarily with the 49er/FX skiff class. He works with the sailors on and off the water to develop and improve sailing specific skills; aspects such as boat handling, speed, race management, rules, and weather. Moreover, he encourages an environment for athletes to develop the habits and routines of high performance athletes, such as strength and conditioning, nutrition, and mental performance. Through demonstration, video/photo analysis, discussion, and yearly planning, he helps with all aspects of becoming an elite sailor and athlete. Krzysztof himself was a multi-time 49er Olympian for Poland, with results reaching into the top 10 in the world. After which, he has transitioned into coaching, working with several different national federations and private teams before accepting his position with Sail Canada.

Craig MacDonald

Strength & Conditioning

Craig MacDonald is the strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic; a facility specifically built for Canadian Team athletics. He not only develops programs specific for each athlete, but handles data management and tracking of athlete performance. Craig has his masters in strength and conditioning through the University of Miami and currently studies at the Canadian College of Osteopathy.


Melissa Allen 


Melissa Allen is a dietitian working through the Canadian Sport Center Atlantic. She helps athletes and coaches understand the connection between nutritional requirements and its effect on performance. She works with athletes to analyze their dietary needs, inform them on the roles of different foods and nutrients, and identify gaps in athletes diets to help improve performance, achieve they goals, and develop a healthy sustainable diet. Melissa studied a Bachelor of Science in Applied Human Nutrition - Dietetics at The Mount Saint Vincent University and is currently taking the IOC Diploma in Sports Nutrition.

Chris dewolfe

Mental performance consultant

Chris DeWolfe is a mental performance consultant with the CSCA. He holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours, a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science, and is a PhD in Clinical Psychology candidate at Dalhousie University. He provides mental performance training to coaches and athletes to improve their performance through developing a high-performance mindset; this includes building confidence, focusing attention, managing nerves/emotions, gaining motivation, and embracing the many challenges of sport. 

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