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Since our last post following the North Americans, we have been very busy setting up our future training schedule and our personal lives. We are both back in school now which is certainly limiting our training time. We are committed to a 2-3 night on-water training plan, as well as our offseason fitness program. With focus being on body movement in the boat and developing our feel for the power and balance of the rig. We are really looking to improve our overall boat speed and we feel developing a better connection with the boat will help immensely. Outside of training, we are looking into two, 2-week training blocks in Miami this winter including the Miami World Cup. We are still sorting out logistics such as travel and a coach, but with less time on the water we are able to step up our campaigns logistical aspect. Hopefully we will be able to release some more content on social media and through RHYC leading up to Miami.


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