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Season Transition: September Update

downwind at 2017 49er North American's in Kingston Ontario. Photo by Sailingshot

While this September has been very relaxed with our sailing, there has been a lot of effort going into the campaign behind the scenes setting up our next and hopefully most competitive year.

Sailing wise, after Worlds in Portugal we took a much needed two weeks off of nearly all sailing related work. It was a great time to recharge and make sure we were lined up to close out our final semester of school. We then spent a full week maintaining and tweaking our boat, preparing it for our upcoming training blocks. Finally, we rounded off September and the past week with the Ontario Sailing Team Combine and stage II and III of the Oakcliff Triple Crown Series. Initially we found our sailing to be slightly rusty, but by the final Oakcliff event we found the time off had allowed us to recharge and in turn our thinking was much crisper. We were able to pick up on some specific weak points we would like to work on moving forward and even managed to pull away with a 1st and 4th at the respective competitions. Through the month of October we will be training in Kingston with several other boats and coach Trevor Parekh. We are addressing this as the start of our new season, so our primary focus will be to refine our boat handling in all conditions; focusing on specific details of each maneuver and making each process consistent.

Aside from the sailing itself, we have been putting a lot of focus into the logistical aspects of our campaign. As we begin to progressively ramp up our campaign, we are undertaking more travel, inventory, and fundraising goals. As information becomes solidified, we will release our plans through our Facebook page and here on our blog. For now, we are excited to announce that our blog will now become a monthly edition to bring you more recent updates on our activity and content.

We are excited to have you follow along on our journey to the World Sailing Championships Aurhus (July 2018); the first country qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Let's go Canada!


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