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Windy City: October Update

We wrapped up our October training camp on the 31st, packing up our boat in 30 knots of wind; and it wasn't much different the rest of the month. Kingston delivered the goods for us all month long with only 2 days of sailing below 12 knots of breeze. It was excellent for us to go out and test the limits of how hard we can push the boat before crossing the line into performing safety maneuvers. With our coach and Canadian adversaries, we sent it upwind and downwind every training session, putting in 40+ tacks and gybes each day. Along with our on-water training, we thoroughly video debriefed every session. Our focus was to refine our handling technique to extract every ounce of speed we could out of our maneuvers. While our consistency in these new techniques is now something we must improve, our tack and gybe speed increased significantly from this camp.

We have just arrived in Cascai, Portugal to continue our training for another month. We are with our Canadian training partners once again and will be working with past Portuguese 49er Olympic representative Francisco Rebelo de Andrade as our coach. We are looking to built this consistency in our new maneuvers as well as put them under higher pressure situations on a course. We have a bunch of great video content from training that we will post through Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube shortly, so be on the lookout for that.


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