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Time Off: December Update

Coming off an intense November training camp, we had scheduled out nearly all of December to rest and complete our exam period. It was much needed time to recover from our training and catch up with family and friends over the holidays. We stayed attached to our goals by continuing our work in the gym as well as developed more logistical planning for 2018. For December we have scheduled training with the US Olympic team leading up to Sailing World Cup Miami, therefor we spent time prepare our boat and equipment for our trip south.

Our biggest news of the month, with the support of our whole team, we committed to purchasing our new 49er "GOONIE" from the factory to arrive in Miami before being shipped to Europe to become our dedicated circuit boat. Built by Mackay Boats of New Zealand, the quality of a new boat and the advantages in speed are clearly apparent. With this boat, we have our best chance at becoming a contending team on the World Cup circuit and qualifying Canada for the upcoming games. This improvement in equipment puts us on a much more level playing field with all the other competitive nations, leaving our performance up to our knowledge and skill development. There were many small details we had to sort out for the new boat including lines, specific parts, shipping, etc which gave us ample work to complete over our break.

We would like to thank the people on our team that made this possible and we are looking forward to continuing our training and updates in Miami.


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