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Regrouping: August Update

Even though August had been scheduled as our time off for the season we somehow managed to stay busy through the month. After a short 3 day turn around from the Worlds we were in Kingston racing the CORK Senior Champs/49er Nationals. Kingston is a place we have spent a lot of our sailing careers and we enjoy every opportunity we get to train there. Seeing many of our Canadian friends was a great way to spend our down time and we were happy to claim the Canadian 49er National title. We also had the opportunity to speak with the reformed Sail Canada staff and we were filled in on the exciting training plans they have in store to develop a strong Canadian sailing program. We are delighted with the initiative they have taken and amount of professionalism that was displayed. We believe this new Canadian program coupled with our current European coaching we will have every opportunity to access quality training year long and consistently develop towards an Olympic performance.

Post 49er Nationals we were happy to schedule some vacation time. Will traveled to Jamaica for a weeks holiday while Evan road tripped up Northern Ontario for some camping/cottage time. During the teams holiday our North American boat received a large overhaul with new deck grip and gelcoat work to prepare it for the upcoming North American training block and Oakcliff Triple Crown events. Thanks to our sponsor Peter at Northshore Boatsworks Ltd for helping us with our boat here in Canada.

Next up is our off season training here in Canada, so we will be heading to Halifax to work with the new Canadian skiff coach.


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