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For sailors and non-sailors alike, we all know how complicated the sport can appear. For many, the words we use can sound like a foreign language to the untrained ear. Also, asking a sailor to explain the sport on the spot while most definitely result in an extensive rant leaving the other person more confused than when they started (fair warning).

The idea of a technical breakdown of the sport is something we think could be very interesting not only to our supporters, but a helpful tool for us as we continue our journey. We are starting this new series Beyond the Coach Boat as a way to give back to our supporters the best product we can; sailing knowledge.

Beyond the Coach Boat will dive into every aspect of the sport and appeal to sailors of all levels; from non-sailors solely interested in how sailboat racing operates to experienced veterans of the sea who are looking for new perspectives on ideas they may already know. Every other week we will release a new piece of content where we aim to shed light on one topic of sailing or racing. We will cover everything from the basic principles of a sailboat race to the finer details of tactics, and everything in between. We hope to share our knowledge back with the existing sailing community as well as welcome new members who started out by following our journey. Our goal with these discussions is to enlighten our supporters and help everyone understand our racing as well as their own more clearly.

We will be posting this content through our website and sharing it across our other platforms, so it is easily accessible via many routes. We also hope you our supporters will comment and give us feedback so we can improve these tech summaries and generate new ideas for further posts. Thanks to everyone for following along thus far and we hope you enjoy this content as much as we enjoy putting it out for you all!


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