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Hustle: September Update

Man it feels good to be back on the grind! After resetting during August and spending some time off, we are back to our full time hustle. We have had a lot of activities this month so we'll try and fill you in on some exciting points.

Training is back in full swing working with the new Sail Canada coach Krzysztof. We have primarily been training alone with our coach in Kingston, working on our boat handling and mental game. It has been very refreshing to just focus on ourselves after spending so much of 2018 racing with other teams. It has helped us a lot adjust our mindset and progress at our own pace. We have done some tweaking with our tacking, gybing, and mark rounding techniques; specifically the handling of sheets and where we are standing/moving during the maneuver. With our mental preparation we have been changing how we think through a race, slightly switching our roles. There is a bigger focus on the sharing of tasks, mainly to assure we are covering all aspects of the race and the plan is acknowledged by both of us. We are also focusing on being more relaxed and sticking to our plan, not forcing our development. We are excited to continue to working on this and test it out at the upcoming Oakcliff Triple Crown events.

Off the water may be where we have made some of the biggest leaps forward. With our coach we have developed a full training plan all the way until the games. We are also making many organizational changes that we think will help us managed our extensive plan and mental strength. Things such as detailed equipment lists, on-water communication sheets, and weekly team meetings for logistics have really improved our efficiency and organization so we are more rested for our training.

Our most exciting point of the month was our first fundraiser held at Royal Hamilton Yacht Club during the Bill Cheek Memorial Regatta. We thought it was a great success and we were happy to see so many familiar faces at our home club, especially with how excited everyone was to share this journey with us. There we announced our upcoming plans as well as some new content we will be releasing over our website and other platforms, so be on the lookout for more updates on that! We would really like to thank everyone who was out there supporting us at the event, along with the volunteers and sponsors that made the event possible. It makes us that much more motivated to continue this hustle knowing that you are all sharing and supporting this journey.

We'll have a lot of updates coming out this month through our website and Facebook, so be sure to keep a close eye for some good information.


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