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Changing the Game: January Update

Heading to Miami is a staple of our year and has been since the beginning. The weather, location, lifestyle make the spot very unique. For us Canadian sailors, it is one of the few international event areas within North America, making it a logistical benefit. We noted our comfort in the area within our first week of time there, something that helped our confidence and focus. Along with this a Canadian National Team camp was held, bringing all of the athletes and staff together; with many interesting discussions and physical activation/recovery workshops. These factors created the environment for a fun and purposeful training block.

The event gave us a wide variety of opportunities to test the knowledge and work we had developed in our prep. We took every challenge as they came; learning many lessons and gaining experience with each. The event will become a test of our character and the lessons learned give us more confidence in the developmental plan we are on. We are excited to go into the next training block, eager to change the game.

We'd like to say thank you to everyone who has been sending us messages, supporting us through social media. The encouragement means a lot and we are happy you enjoy following our journey.

Sailing World Cup Miami result: 38/42 274 pts


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