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Onward and upward

If you had asked us four months ago what our plan was closing up to the games, we could have given you a detailed schedule for everywhere we would be, all the way down to the minute. Now, our best guess is as good as yours. With the situation changing so dynamically and travel restricted even within our own country, this has changed our approach to our training drastically. It is a new challenge and opportunity to elevate our game and close the gap on the competition during these circumstances. We are very thankful for the support that our governing body has given us to continue pushing towards our goals. While our schedule looks different week to week, we are slowly putting in the work on and off the water.

This opportunity has changed our perspective on how we are approaching our training; our focus being shifted from a competition calendar towards much more process based around skills. Goal setting and analytics are the name of the game; finding all the areas we think are important to our success and breaking them down into chunks we can critically assess. Everything from our boat handling skills, understanding of theory in all aspects, and our mental perspective on what it takes to be elite athletes.

We have been lucky enough to be one of the first sports to return to action. Over the past two months, following the restrictions outlined by the Canadian government, Canadian Olympic Committee, and Sail Canada, we have returned to on the water training. With two solid training camps under our belt in Hamilton and Kingston, we have successfully quarantined in Halifax with intentions of an intense summer of practice together with our fellow Canadian Sailing Team athletes. All of us are pushing each other to elevate our game and we are excited to be working with such motivated athletes and coaches. We truly believe this is a huge chance to step up and make some significant gains, and we are happy with the direction we are taking; onward and upward.


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